It’s the holidays. Awesome. I’ve got 1 good news and 1 bad news. Which do you want to hear first? The good news is that, i got myself a job. The bad news is that, tmrw is my last day of work. LOLLLLLLLLLLLL. Ok, i didn’t get fired. Neither did i quit my job. It’s just the end of my assignment. I’m working as a cashier/ retail assistant at Popular Roadshow islandwide so i have to run all over Singapore. Awesome much. For the next few days, i’ll be preparing for the SYF Choir Preparatory camp. My life is awesome because i get to go back to secondary school and relive the many many happy memories. Ok, i sound as if i haven’t gone back in tens of years. But anyway, i really miss secondary school days where we just live with TYS and exam papers and staying back for choir practices, complaining this complaining that. Writing compositions everyday, getting picked by Chinese teacher to read the textbook passages, checking answers behind our A math textbook and leading the entire school to sing the national anthem. IT WAS AWESOME THEN. I LOVE SECONDARY SCHOOL DAYS WHERE WE GET TO HANG OUT WITH THE COOLIOS, BE IT TEACHERS OR STUDENTS. Ok, this is a huge off-topic. Heh.
Anyway, i’m in love with red. I want to get a red bag and red shoes and red idk. Whatever that’s red I WANT EM’ ALL. Oh, i’m getting my red shoes this weekend. Oh, and i think i’m heading down to the IT fair to get myself a external hard disk. IT’S COOL.
Oh yes, and it’s 2 more weeks to….. 😀 After which, i can finally take my own sweet time to go out. Hehe. Oh and did i mention i went for the S.H.E concert dvd preview at KBOX  VIP Room. IT WAS AWESOME. BECAUSE, I WAS ONE OF THE AWESOME FEW WHO GOT TO WATCH THAT DVD FIRST IN SINGAPORE. Coooooooooooool. Oh, i did not mention that i preordered my S.H.E concert dvd a month ago, did i? Ok i lost track of time. Anyway, i’m enjoying this holiday. Because i’ve got my awesome companion that is, my S.H.E DVD. It lasts for almost 4-5 hours for all the discs. I watch them day and night. As in, really day and night. Like, twice everyday, even when i’m working. Awesome much. I’m going to blow up my tv and amplifier soon. My parents are afraid that will happen. But, WHO CARES. S.H.E FTW. OK BYE.


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